15 best gift ideas for plant lovers

Do you need some help on finding that perfect gift for your plant loving friend? Here are our top tips!

1. Plant care kit from Botanopia

A must have for every plant lover! This plant care kit contains everything you need to make your urban jungle thrive. It contains an (empty) glass spray bottle, 100ml bottle of neem oil - ready to mix to super easy -, 50ml of organic plant food, 1 bonsai scissors to prune your plants, and a detailed guid with some great tips to take care of your plants.
This all comes in a nice black box with golden details. Et voilà, the perfect gift!

plant care kit


2. A fun botanical inspired puzzle

I personally love making puzzles, it's the perfect way to relax. We have puzzles from Galison, All The Ways To Say, Ridley's, Bloompost and Studio Inktvis. If you want to gift your plant friend some me-time, a puzzle would be the best gift.



3. Beeswax wrap roll for plant lovers

If you're still using that horrible plastic cling wrap, you're doing it wrong. We have a beautiful jungle beeswax wrap, ecofriendly and re-usable. It lasts for up to a year, and you can even use a repair block to make it last even longer!
The roll measures 1m x 33cm, so you can easily cut it to the size(s) you want. 

Beeswax wrap jungle

4.Plant animal or brass flowers

Plant animals make your plant stand out even more. Hide your plant animal between the leaves for a subtile touch or give it a leading roll by placing it on top of your plant, or dangling on a branch. 
Brass flowers give a more romantic feel to your plant, or you can even make some kind of still life by adding them to your plant pots. 

Plant Animal Brass Flowers Another studio

5. A fun game

A great way to spend time together is by playing games. Add some snacks & drinks and let the games begin. We have a small selection of botanical inspired games. Are you more into card games or board games? We got your back! 

plant lovers games botanic jungle

6. Coloring book

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to color? How about this beautiful coloring book. The perfect zen-time! Available in 2 versions. 21 illustrations per book.

Coloring book #1 or #2: €19.90

7. embroidery kit / iron on patch

For the creative and fashionable plant lovers we have embroidery kits. One kit contains everything you need to make that plain t-shirt super unique. For the less creative plant addicts we have patches. Simply iron them on your favorite piece of clothing, backpack or other textiles and your masterpiece is finished.

embroidery kit plant lover


8. A handy bottle

These fancy bottles are not only pretty. They keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. Oh, and did I already mention that they're so pretty?

9. Propagation gift set

If your plant loving friend is always propagating and has little bottles and jars filled with cuttings all over the place, you might want to consider getting them propagation plates. They're great for seeds & pits, they work g.r.e.a.t. with avocado pits, but they're also super handy for keeping those cuttings in place. They come in a gift set, or you can buy them individually. Each set contains of 2 plates (1x small and 1x large), 1x 20ml organic plant food and 1 pack of assorted seeds.

germination propagation plate set


10. Jewelry holder

For those who love jewelry and like to be organised, we have these beautiful jewerly holders. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can top it off with some jewelry or a nice pin to gift with

jewelry holder cactus plant lover

11. Notebook with pencil

For those who are always taking notes, writing their bullet journal or keeping lists, we have beautiful notebooks. 

note books for plant lovers

12. Pillow cover

A great way to add even more green to your interior: these leafy pillows. Mix different leaves & textures for the ultimate look. 

13. Watering can or plant mister

Obviousy an essential item for every plant lover: the watering can. We have different sizes and styles; plastic or metal, big or small. Top it off with a plant mister to keep the plants healthy & happy.

14. A beautiful vase with some handpicked flowers

Flowers are always a good idea. Handpicked flowers are even better. Or what about a dried flower bouquet. Add a lovely vase and you have the perfect gift! What do you think about this cheeky vase?

Vases start from €6.90


 15. A FoliFolia gift card

If you can't decide on what the best gift is for your loved one, you can always give them a folifolia gift card. They are sent via email, so you receive them immediately after payment. They start from €5.00 and you can find them here.

Don't forget!

We also have nice cards to add to your gift or to send to your plant friend.

cards for plant people
And did you think about the gift wrap? We have some options available to buy, or you can ask us to wrap the gift for you! You can also decorate your presents with some stickers or washi tape to make them extra cute. 

gift wrap for plant lovers


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