Propagation time!

Hi fellow plant lovers!

Winter is coming to an end. The sun isn't hiding behind the clouds that much anymore, plants start to grow again, and we can finally start propagating.

When I'm not in my home office or doing household chores, you can find me in my jungle. When I'm not talking to or watering my plants, I'm taking cuttings. 
I love everything about propagating. 
You buy a plant or a cutting, it grows bigger and stronger, you take a cutting, and that cutting becomes another plant. You can sell the cutting, or you can gift it to a friend or family member. If you go to visit that friend or family member, and you see your cutting, all grown up, it makes you feel proud. You helped that plant grow. How amazing is that. Yep, 'open plant adoptions' are the best. 

I usually just put my cuttings in water. I'm not good with the whole spaghnum moss situation, don't ask me why. I wet the moss too much, or I forget about it and it dries up. There's always something going wrong. So water works best for me. I use all kinds of vases or glasses. New ones, or items from thrift shops. Or a mix, that's even more fun.

Hexi propagation stations can be found here

Want to grow an avocado out of a seed? Or want to use a propagation plate to help you cuttings stand up nice and tall? These can help you with that:

plastic propagation plates or ceramic germination plates

Your baby is growing up, and before you know it, you can pot it in soil. If you don't have a garden, or you just like to repot indoors like I do, a propagation tarp can come in handy. 

- Roll the mat open and fold the corners together. 
- Repot your plants.
- Ready? Shake out the mat and roll it up. It's as simple as that. And your house or terrace stays nice and clean. 

Potting Tarp from Botanopia can be found here

I wish you an excellent propagation season, with long roots, fresh green leaves and lots of plant love. Do you have questions, or experiences you want to share with me? Leave a comment :)

Let the plant love grow!


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