Mother's day Top Items!

Hi plantlovers!
Mother's day is coming up and maybe you're struggling to find the right gift for your mom/wife/... We got your back!
My mom and I made a top 10 of our favorite items. 

Let's start off with my mom's favorites:

1. Inka Kana Planter

Pot Planter Pink OYOY Plants
Mom loves the pink ones, but we also have them in sienna and grey.
Small: €34,00
Medium: €49,00
Large: €83,00

2. Campio Candle

These beautiful handmade candles are made of eco-soy wax. They come in 2 scents: Eucalyptus & Lemongrass and Cedar & Patchouli. When the candle is burnt, you can wash the pot out and you have a nice planter. €65,00 with candle, €33,00 without candle.

3. Bouquet of Birds Puzzle
A beautiful and quirky shaped puzzle. No plants, just colourful birds. €21,90

4. Fern earrings XL
These beauties are really gentle on the ears and are environmentally friendly. €40,00
They also come in a slightly smaller size. €30,00

5. Leaf Necklace
This more subtle piece of jewelry will look great with every outfit. €30,00

6. Watering Can Mizu
Mizu watering can from OYOY. This is a watering can that you don't have to hide somewhere in a closet. Just put it on display! €83,00

7. Cactus Vases Set
Really nice glass vases in fun cactus shapes. My mom keeps her cuttings in them. Sold seperately at €13,95 or per set at €65,00

8. Pillow Covers
9. Germination Gift Set
Germination gift set by Botanopia. It comes with 2 porcelain germination plates, 1 bottle of organic plant food and 1 small pack of assorted seeds. €39,90

10. Roma Planter
My top 10:
1. Nenuphars Puzzle
Ever since the very first lockdown I started making puzzles. This one is one of my favorites. €39,90 

2. Support for climbers
This is a DIY support chain for your plants. It comes in black or brass. €19,80

3. Monstera Bowl
Bright and fun stoneware bowl. You can use it as e.g. a fruitbowl, or just place it on your coffee table or dressoir for an instant deco upgrade. 
Small: €12,50
Medium: €17,50
Large: €24,95

4. Notepad + notebook + pencil set
I enjoy making lists for pretty much everything, even though my life is far from organized. 
Notebook A5: €8,00
Notepad: €6,00
Pencil set: €12,90 

5. Tiny Treehouse
Build this treehouse with your own hands. Then put it in your favorite plant and image you living in that tiny golden house. €14,70
We also have other tiny adventures!

6. Sol Planter
I love the shape of this planter. You can place it in so many directions, according to the plant you want to display in it. Made of resin and hand crafted. Each planter comes with a tray, so extra convenient! €56,00

7. Botanical Tray
With summer just around the corner, I'm thinking of sitting in the garden, eating at the terrace, and just enjoying nature. A good tray to carry your drinks and snacks is crucial. And this one looks amazing too! €29,95

8. Clutch Layton Leaf
Clutch to keep all your small things like jewelry, or precious memories. €19,95

9. Throw and grow confetti
I know people always love to give flowers to their mothers on mother's day, but why not surprise her with this confetti? Every piece of confetti grows into wild flowers. Just give your mom a confetti shower in the garden and she'll enjoy the flowers afterwards. €9,95. Available in Mix or Love

10. Pin

I like to wear basic clothing but I love to pimp it with a nice pin or iron on patch. You can never have too many pins, in my opinion ;) prices range from €2,50 to €14,00

I hope all moms get to experience a warm and loving mother's day, even though times are crazy right now. 

I would like to thank my mom for always being there for me, supporting every choice I make and being my number one fan.
Mom, you are G.O.L.D.