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Beeswax Wrap Roll

To Jungle
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Bees wrap cloth on a roll of 1 meter x 33cm , to cut to size yourself

A beeswax cling cloth or beeswax cloth is made with natural beeswax, 100% jojoba oil and resin, and replaces the plastic film and plastic bags in your kitchen. From now on you can also pack products in a fair way.

Fold the cloth around the product or a bowl. With the warmth of your hand, the cloth forms exactly as you want.
Beeswax reacts to heat. Therefore, only pack cold/cooled products and do not use them in the microwave/oven or dishwasher.

After use, clean the cloth with cold water and, if necessary, a little bit of washing-up liquid. Let it dry and you can pack with it again. The cloth will last about a year if you pack twice a week.

The cloth contains, among other things, 100% pure, purified beeswax and 100% pure jojoba oil. Both have an antibacterial effect, so that the packaged products remain well protected. However, do not use the cloths for meat.

After a year, most cling wraps have become thinner and don't fold as well anymore. If you want to use them even longer, you can make them with a repair block.